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Dr Ken MillsOur Curator's Notes

The Curator of the many artefacts and documents which the Centre has accumulated is Dr Ken Mills. He has the responsibility to look after the collection, catalogue it, and to have a selection of items on display in the church, an exhibit which changes on a regular basis.

He is also on the lookout to purchase old photos and postcards which may be added to the collection to form part of the jigsaw which is our archive of Bampton in the past.



Ken has been producing a series of occasional articles about some of the items that we have, particularly those for which we seek more information, or indeed haven't a clue what they are! You can downlaod them here:

Notes #1

A mysterious shield, call the midwife (Beryl Fothergill)! And a donation of Bamptonia.

Notes #2

Another shield of unknown origin, and ceramics from 'Bampton Studios'.

Notes #3

The Lorna Armstrtong shield, and tales of fairies and pixies from the Wishing Well.

Notes #4

Bampton Studios - more info, and mystery object a band of cloth with printed marks.



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