Bampton Charter Fair

The Storytellers

Exeter Authors's Association

Exeter Authors’ Association are delighted to be invited to attend the 2017 Bampton Charter Fair where they will be providing readings, brief author talks, children’s short stories and short horror stories (well it’s nearly Halloween!).

Exter Authors ACome along and meet the authors, have a chance to buy signed copies of their books and be entertained. They will be based in the Community Hall (teas and refreshments too!).

Authors B

They have a programme of stories running right through the day:

Children’s’ Storytelling and Fun Activities(for younger children)
10.00 Jenny Kane – Storytelling – “Ben’s Biscuit Tin Adventure.”
10.20 Tracey Norman – Story – “Sammy’s Saturday Job.”
10.40 Jenny Kane – Gobblefunk Monsters – Follow in Roald Dahl’s Footsteps and invent new words using Gobblefunk.
Stories for Older Children
11.30 Oliver Tooley – Story – “For Cats’ Eyes Only”
11.50 Sam Burns – Story – “The Private of Sycamore House” a scary story.
12.10 Oliver Tooley – Storytelling – “Children of the Wise Oak” & “Time Tunnel Series.”
Author Talks and Readings - For Teens and Young Adults
1.00 K.Y.Eden – “The Redcroft Journals” Time Travel Fantasy Series.
1.20 Richard Dee – Halloween & Sci-Fi Flash Fiction.
1.40 P.J.Reed – High Fantasy Adventure in Torcia.
Adult Contemporary Fiction, Poetry and Non-Fiction
2.10 Jenny Kane – “Are Coffee Shops the New Pubs?” introducing the “Another Cup of Coffee” series.
2.30 Jeni Braund – Poems for “Heartlands” publishing for the Anthony Nolan Trust.
2.50 Richard Lappas – A Life Capturing the Royals and Celebrity’s in Photographs.
3.20 John Hall – “Extremism, How It Can Happen” an insight into writing his series of thrillers.
Halloween Hour
3.40 Brian Willis – Dark Gothic Stories.
4.00 P.J. Reed – Short Horror Stories from Darkest Devon.
4.20 Tracey Norman – The Writing of “WITCH.”

Don't miss - come and enjoy!

Bampton Charter fair