Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

Dick Whittington & His Cat

Riverside Hall 20-22 Feb. 2014

A few photos below:

Tommy and Dick

Tommy and Dick

Pre-publicity pic

Pre-publicity photo

Dick, Alice, and Cat

Dick, Tommy, and Alice

Dame Sarah with friends

Dame Sarah and friends

King Rat

King Rat (clearly well-fed!)

Fairy Bowbells

Fairy Bowbells (of Cockney origin)

Sarah does not love Jack alas

Jack makes not much impression on Alice

Sarah having some titivation

Sarah being titivated

I see now ships!

Horatio and Fitzy "I see no ships!"

King Rat shows off tail

King Rat shows off his appendage

Fitzwarren, Sarah, and Horatio

Jollity with Fitzy, Sarah, and Horatio

Emperor of Morroco

The Emperor of Morocco and Guards

Jack and Alice

Jack and Alice

Our intrepid trio

Dick, Tommy and Alice

Dick Whittington - the kids!

The Kids from (Bampton) Fame

Final Curtain

And finally....





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