Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

Riverside Hall 19-21 Feb. 2015

A few photos below:


Sheherazade tells the children a story...


... and what a story it is to tell!

Ali Baba and Kamil

Ali Baba looks cross with Kamil

Ali Baba Safiya and Kamil

Safiya, Kamil, and Ali

Mustafa Leikh and cronies

Top-Dog Thief Mustafa Leikh with Yessah and Nossah

Mustafa has a word

Mustafa has a word....

Mum Baba

Mum Baba has a go at cooking

Rab Rick

Fab Rick - a slightly dodgy tailor

A serious moment (there aren't many!)

Ali Baba

Kamil never misses a photo opportunity

Ali Baba Dames

FOUR DAMES? - Seriously?

Ali Baba - Sharon

Sharon - the money-grabbing sister in law

Ali Baba - pie

A bit of mischief in the kitchen

Ali Baba -0 custard pie

Cassim gets the custrad pie to delight of audience

Ali Baba - Fab Rick

The blind-folded Fab Rick has an unusual job to perform

Ali Baba - puppet theatre

Mustafa Leikh and his 40-ish theives

Ali Baba

Safiya, Mum, and Huma

Ali Baba - Safira and Huma

Safiya and Huma sing their hearts out!

Ali Baba - Bolero

It's that Bolero moment...

Ali Baba - Happy

Happy-ever-after for three couples?

Ali Baba - the kids

Kids from old Baghdad!

Ali Baba - the Band

The Motley Band

Ali Baba - Loonah


Ali Baba - Moonah


Ali Baba - Noonah


Ali Baba - Final


Ali Baba - and finally...

Ali Baba cast and crew


Ali Baba - the Cast and Crew




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