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Youth Group: Activity Sites

Computer sitesThis is a great time to learn something new or find a new way to have fun. Try some of these and if you enjoy them, please let us know.

Also if you think of something that would be good to add onto these, let us know.

1. Break a record! There are world records in just about everything that you can think of. Here there is a link to the site. You could try one that is suggested in lockdown or search for something more adventurous! Good luck!

Guinness World Records


2. Have a go at some of ‘The Cube’ games. You could even challenge your family.

The cube


3. Get political or enter a competition. Devon youth parliament are currently running a logo competition. For more information on the competition or just to find out more about Devon youth parliament click the link

Devon Youth Parliament


4. Learn to code

Code Academy



5. Get creative and learn to draw / paint.

Rob Biddulph

A list of 50 learn to draw videos

Local artist Laura Grant’s watercolour flower tutorial


6. Have a go at creating you own unique wardrobe using these methods, these may require getting some supplies, but you might have these at home.

WikiHow, customise clothing


7. Use your time and ideas to create a children s book!

Learn to create Children’s books


Activities8. Try your hand at a new craft… perhaps crochet?

How to… Crochet


9. You can find many origami tutorials but these turtles are very cute!