Bampton Local Attractions

Water Attractions near Bampton

There are a number of attractions near Bampton which are associated with water. See also our Links page for access to plenty of additional information. See also our Fishing page.

Wimbleball Lake

Wimbleball LakeThis is an extensive lake just a few miles from Bampton which is described as a water park. There is a visitor centre, picnicing places, sailing and boating club, and fishing facilities. It is an excellent area for bird watching (there is a hide at the eastern end of the lake) and a nature reserve with a nature trail. A footpath leads around the lake.

South West Lakes TrustSW Lakes Trust have recently made £1.5M of improvements to facilities - these include easier and safer access, enhancement the conservation value of the site, improved and extended land-based activities and water sports, and promotion of the use of the lake for tourism. More facilities will be provided for sailing, angling, and rowing. Many facilities, including the bird-watching hide, will have improved access for the disabled.

Clatworthy Reservoir

Clatworthy ReservoirClatworthy is even more off the beaten track, and is just fractionally further from Bampton than Wimbleball. It offers a beautiful spot to picnic overlooking the dam, or to walk, or to fish.

Again it is a good place for bird watchers, and a path allows one to walk around the whole perimeter.

Exe and Barle Valleys

There are many areas to walk along the river valleys. Click on the 'Walking' button to find out more.


There are also opportunities for canoeing on both the Exe and Barle rivers near Bampton.

Grand Western Canal

The main start point for this canal is in Tiverton, and the canal provides opportunities for boating, rides on a horse-drawn barge, or walking along the scenic tow-path. Again, more details may be found by clicking on the menu on the left.


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