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These are a selection of photos going right back to the planning and launch stages (at the bottom of page). The Volunteers have been brilliant!


Dressing up

Holiday time - dressing-up at the Heritage Centre

Dressing up in Bampton Heritage Centre!

Four young German children enjoy dressing up and sending a photo back to their grandmother in Germany.

BHVC Meeting

Volunteers meeting to discuss post-Covid opening May 2021

Heritage Centre fleeces

Volunteers in their Heritage Centre fleeces at meeting December 2016


Fund-raising with Sausage & Mash at the Toucan April 2016

Pippa (Tiverton Museum) and Judi with Bumper sculpture


Mysetry Object 1

Mystery Objcet #1: ELECTRIC TRAIN STAFF (OR TOKEN) To ensure that only one train was ever on one section of single line track (in this case Bampton to Morebath Junction and uniquely coloured green), the coded key on the end fitted into a token machine at the signal box at the beginning of the track section and generated an electric signal which told the signalmen when the train had entered this section of track. It was carried by the driver to the other end of the section of track, where, inserted into another token machine, the signalman could see that the train had left that section of track. This key would fit no other token machines. Lent by the Tiverton Museum of Mid-Devon Life.

Mystery object 2

Mystery Object #2: OX KNOB or HORN KNOB This object, found in a Bampton field, was probably an ox- or horn-knob, much used by the Victorians and perhaps earlier. It was placed over an ox’s horn and small screws kept it in place. The sharp point of the horn was then filed off. Cattle deliberately sharpened their horns against each other or nearby objects and the knobs were installed to prevent damage to each other and to farmers when handling cattle.
Lent by Laurens Hayton.



Volunteers' Meeting Nov. 2015

Volunteers' Meeting Nov. 2015


The new mugs now available in the Centre - £6 each

Volunteers' Meeting Nov. 2015

Trying the new interactive Bampton quiz game - August 2015

'En garde'! Visitors of all ages enjoy their visit - August 2015

Tiverton U3A Town Trail - at Manor Mill - April 2015

Tiverton U3A - watching Bampton Railway video - April 2015

Minehead U3A Visit and Tour - April 2015

Minehead U3A Visit and Tour - April 2015

Minehead U3A Visit and Tour - April 2015

Heritage Centre 1st Birthday Sept. 2014

Heritage Centre 1st Birthday Sept. 2014

Heritage Centre 1st Birthday Sept. 2014

Half term dressing up! May 2014

Minehead U3A Visit and Tour - April 2015

Dressing up - the Knight - May 2014

Dressing up - the Monk - May 2014

Slide Show of Reg Kingdon Collection March 2014

Enjoying the slide show March 2014

Enjoying the slide show March 2014

Family enjoying display boards

Family viewing one of the displays

Family looking at the model of the railway

Volunteer on duty at the Heritage Centre

The Station-Master's Hat! Reunited with Patrick, who'd been given the hat as a child in the 1950's

50th Anniversary of Railway 5/10/13 - Vistors

Examining the display boards

Visitors enjoying the railway video

The station model being admired

Tea and cake!

Artefacts on display

Guests at the launch party 13/9/13

Rev. Lynne, Katrina, and Neil Parish MP

Watching the premiere of the Railway History video

Blimey this is interesting!

Meeting 28/12/12

Meeting 28/12/12

Model of railway at restorer's August 2013

Model of railway at restorer's August 2013

Meeting 29/08/13

Meeting 29/08/13

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