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Heritage Centre video playerA number of our Videos are available to view in the Heritage Centre in the church.

A video player allows push-button selection of a range of videos - the list changes slightly from time to time as new videos are produced.

We have a similar arrangements for our 'Listening Project' which allows listening to themed audio recodings. A few other relevant podcasts are at the bottom of this page.

However, all these videos and many more with our Bampton heritage at heart are available to watch on line. Some are listed below with links.


To play any of these videos, just click on any of the small pictures.

Bampton in Deep Time

BAMPTON IN DEEP TIME! A history of Bampton in Devon, with a difference - it goes back 500 million years! Resident geological guru Hugh Saxby takes us on a walk around the time looking at evidence in the stones for our history in the far past.


Bampton: Our Buildings

BAMPTON: OUR BUILDINGS. The small town of Bampton in Devon has a number of buildings with interesting histories - here we tell the story of just some of them. This is part of a project set up by Bampton Heritage and Visitor Centre.


Bampton Town Trail

BAMPTON TOWN TRAIL. This Town Trail around Bampton in Devon shows a walk around the town and tells something of our history. It replaces an earlier version from 2014 which proved very popular. Watch the video, and if you can, come and visit and do the walk for yourself!


Bampton Bumpers

BAMPTON BUMPER SCULPTURES. The Tivvy Bumper railway engine is fondly remembered in a Sculpture Trail - two of the sculptures are in Bampton. Here are the unveilings and more about the Trail, including the real engine in Tiverton Museum.


Bampton Church Clock

BAMPTON CHURCH CLOCK. The church clock in Bampton, Devon is over 100 years old. It has now been modified to replace a team of clock-winders with automatic winding motors and accurate timekeeping electronics. Here's how. By far our most popular film!


Bampton Church Guide

BAMPTON CHURCH GUIDE. A short video guide to St Michael and All Angels' Church, Bampton, Devon. A historical backdrop to the things you can find when you visit our Heritage & Visitor Centre.


Bampton Teddy Bear Parachuting

TEDDY-BEAR PARACHUTE JUMPING! It is time for brave teddy bears to risk life and limb jumping off the church tower - all for charity. This annual event has proved to be a huge success. Note that from 2015 this will be in May, at Bampton Spring Fest.


Bampton Railway History

BAMPTON'S RAILWAY. A history of the railway in Bampton, Devon, from 1884 to 1963 - and how it fits into the modern landscape. Old photographs, vintage film, and modern-day footage are all used to tell the story 50 years after Dr Beeching's cuts.


Baampton Railway model

MODEL OF BAMPTON RAILWAY STATION. Rev. Don Clarridge built a model of the railway station in Bampton, Devon, in 1980. The model can now be seen in Bampton Heritage Centre. Here he revisits the model in July 2014 to add some more features! A unique interview with interesting anecdotes.


Bampton Charter Fair

BAMPTON CHARTER FAIR. Bampton in Devon UK has one of the oldest Charter Fairs in the country. It has run continuously for over 750 years. It always takes place on the last Thursday in October. This was filmed in 2012.


History of Bampton Charter Fair

A 750 YEAR HISTORY OF OUR FAIR. This video was made in 2008 to commemorate the 750 years since the granting of the Royal Charter to Bampton Fair. This video uses a lot of archive photographs and film and TV footage which all help to put things in context. It tells the story of how the Charter was given by Henry III, and gives an account of how fairs would have been run in olden times.


This is about a third of the available films - included are many of entertainments from Bampton Charter Fair. Just go to YouTube and search for 'bamptonhumph'.




BBC RADIO DEVON: Our Chairman Liz talks about the work of our Heritage Centre on a survey of museums at a time of lockdown.



BBC RADIO DEVON: the BBC breakfast show visits Bampton Charter Fair in 2013 to hear something of its history and what happens on the day.



BBC RADIO DEVON: Matt Woodley visits Bampton to find out about the brand new primary school that the pupils had just moved into in 2008.




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